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Immunorad 2023 in Paris - Sessions DDR and MYELOID

Immunorad 2023 in Paris - Sessions DDR and MYELOID

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Join us on Thursday September 28th 2023 for the exciting morning sessions on "DNA Damage Response" and "Myeloid Cells"
with renowned speakers from Europe, USA and Asia.

Learn how changes in chromatin structure and innate cells infiltration in tumors influence radiation therapy and the anticancer immune response.


Don't miss Sandra Demaria's presentation

on R-loop DNA/RNA hybrid structures !

Pr Sandra Demaria,‍

A new role of altered R-loop homeostasis
in radiation-induced tumor immunogenicity

Weill Cornell Medicine, USA



Dr Etienne Meylan‍,

Neutrophils in lung cancer: modulators of

tumor growth and therapy response

Université Libre de Bruxelles, B



Pr Julien Sage,

Local and abscopal responses of small

cell lung cancer to radiation therapy

Stanford University, USA


Dr Floris Foijer,

 Chromosomal instability-induced inflammation:

a catch 22 for cancer cells

University of Groningen, NL



Dr Rodney Cheng-En Hsieh,

 Enhancing phagocytosis to magnify

radiotherapy-induced in situ tumor vaccination

Chang Gung MemorialHospital, Taiwan


Dr Claus Sørensen,

 Exploiting self-inflicted DNA breaks to evade

growth limits imposed by genotoxic stress

 University of Copenhagen, D



Dr Mikael Pittet,

Myeloid cells in cancer

University of Geneva, SW

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Venue :
13th Century Cloister in Quartier Latin

Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers‍
15 Rue de l'École de Médecine, 75006 Paris